Main Modding Extra
NoX The installer for NoX. NoXSolution Final patch that will fix graphics issues and installation problems, and contains SDL patch. Made by Protokol. NoxAlarm Makes you aware whenever anyone is coming online and/or joining/leaving a game. Made by Protokol. NoXJS Nearly finished but fully functional open source NoX webclient in typescript. Made by Zoa. NoXServer Unfinished open source NoX server remake. Made by Zoa. PyWoL Open source server-emulator of Westwood Online/XWIS programmed in Python. Made by CBWhiz.
NxModSuite Tool that allows editing of game files. NoxPacker Tool that allows editing of game files, except by unpacking and packing them. NoxEdit2014 Newer editor based on older one, with graphical interface. Made by AngryKirC. Unimod Implements LUA in NoX. Made by Sim, Dio, Evengard and AngryKirC. SSTEditor Lets you edit the CSF file in NoX. Map-NXTools Toolset that helps view and edit data related to the map editor. Map Editor Older editor by Zoa, Morden, KnightTemplar and several others. NoXFontEditor UNTRUSTED:Allows you to edit NoX fonts.
NoX Trainers Gigantic collection of trainers AutoReconnect Tool that makes the server reconnect to WOL if it somehow gets disconnected. WinHack2 Traditional hex editor and game memory editor that was used for NoX in the past. SDL Patch Runs NoX with SDL, allows for all kinds of graphical options. WOL_SERIAL Generates serial keys for NoX. NoXInfinity Launcher for NoX, or something. Helper Toolset that helps view and edit data related to the map editor, but unfortunately unavailable. NoXManager UNTRUSTED:Lets you manage your NoX installation. NoXSM PRO UNTRUSTED:Lets you manage your NoX installation.. NoxTactic A turn-based strategy game based on NoX. OpenLoveforNoX Unfinished open source clone/remake of NoX programmed with Love engine. Made by Koen. NoxReportNetGame Makes automatic reports of online games, somehow. It's Russian and hardcoded, I believe.