[SOLO] Warrior Mission Part1 - Remade

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[SOLO] Warrior Mission Part1 - Remade

Postby Ray » Sat Apr 11, 2020 4:20 pm

Based on original map, I reconstructed the map. Just did it for fun, plz enjoy
could be very clumsy
What has changed from original:
- added new area(added war01b, war01c map)
- added many new events & secret area
- added new missions
- heightened overall item level & number of items sold on shops
- much more gold on the map
- reused many dumydata

- fixed some monster things
- fixed a bug regard to the secret sword
- somthing more not coming up in my mind
- preparing to add some new stuffs like 'rottenmeat'

will continue doing remakes, but can't aver anything so far
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