NOX Group Rules

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NOX Group Rules

Postby Damaskox » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:34 am

The Rules of our Group, and the requirements for new Players joining in will be listed in here.
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Re: NOX Group Rules

Postby axis » Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:26 am

The NoX group in skype main goal is provide newb, newcomers, and nostalgic players a safe haven and to organize matches on request. Keeping that is more important than just adding everyone.

The skype group contains real time conversation, and therefore activity is needed. If you have just got added, you must keep active (which means either play nox or taking part in conversations there) at least once per week on the first month, and afterward the demand is just once per two weeks.

In addition, since the skype group is by chat, SPAMMING on anything irrelevant to nox is NOT allowed, and you should keep your message's content (no post of smilies as a single message please..).
Of course abusive taunting and offensive language is not allowed, I don't think I should even mention it.

If you got in the group and did not follow the above, I'll send you a warning message. I'm considerate in special cases (such vacations for longer than a week etc.), and forgiving toward such whom were very active on some period.

As for who may enter the group:

Since the group is created for newb newcomers and average players, if you are one of these you are of course welcomed. We're bunch of nice people and you're going to have a lot of fun!

As for oldschool pros... You may request to enter, but I'll only allow it if you are considerate toward the members of the group, especially the new ones. If you behave yourself and don't own beginners for the frag, I might let you to the group. I've come across too many frustrated newbies that got owned by pros and retired from nox multiplayer. This a severe crime!
Few players, due to innappropriate behavior toward noobs in quite a period of time, will not be allowed in the group (I won't say their names here...).

If you wish to be added and see yourself "qualified" to these terms, add my skype first ('speedyaviv123') and I'll check out if you really are and add you.

I've created 2 more skype groups for the members of the main group:

*The Technomancers: In case of technical problem related to nox you can chat there and our best minds shall answer your all your problems. You may also talk there about Map editor management.

*Nox Reminiscents: Group of conversation of any nox topic, you can feel free to talk about anything there.

I might've missed something, If so I'd add it here. If you have questions about the group rules feel free to ask (in skype)
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Re: NOX Group Rules

Postby valglan/poinl » Sat Feb 13, 2016 7:36 pm

hi axis
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