[Drakano's old post] How to connect to NoxWorld

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[Drakano's old post] How to connect to NoxWorld

Postby superjack46 » Sun May 08, 2016 1:21 pm

Step 1: Download the NoxPatched.exe --> click http://www.noxforum.eu/xxx%20etc%20xxx/Nox.zip
Step 2: Extract it into your Nox folder (ignore the antivir warning, its because of the "no cd")
Step 3: Go to this Site and register there --> click http://forum.noxworld.ru/register/
Step 4: Click the white button below --> "Я принимаю соглашение" ("I accept the terms of the agreement")


Step 5: Now complete the following fields


Step 6: Then you must login there with the new Account (now you can change the board language for longer time to english. In the upper right corner) and go to this site --> click http://forum.noxworld.ru/serverScripts/servRegister.php
Step 7: Create there a ingame Account, which you need to login in Noxworld

Finish: Just start Nox and go to Multiplayer/Network/ and you will find the "NoXWorld-Main" Server : )

Special thanks to Evengard and the russian comunity.
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