Help with Hacking Weapons in WinHack 2.0

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Help with Hacking Weapons in WinHack 2.0

Postby wyzwizard » Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:23 am

Hello, tried browsing your archives for a while looking for information on hacking items. mostly I remember there were colored staffs that did ring of fire every swing, did additional damage like shock or fire. I dont know how to use winhack myself at all. but if anyone has links to tutorials will be more than happy to learn to how do this. If anyone has skins or profiles that are rigged with armour sets and weapons I would love that as a easier alternative. I was on lucifers nox and tried his skins and couldnt get them to work. anyone who lends a hand thank you very much for your help.
Was also wonder if anyone makes custom maps for Quest? or are all the maps only for PvP?
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