Question about nox audio format

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Question about nox audio format

Postby panic » Wed Feb 17, 2021 3:49 am

Where can I check the byte ratio of the audio used in the nox?

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using WavFormatHeader = struct
   uint32_t header;
   uint32_t waveSize;
   uint32_t waveSymb;
   uint32_t fmtSymb;
   uint32_t fmtChunkSize;
   uint16_t audioFormat;
   uint16_t channels;
   uint32_t sampleRate;
   uint32_t byteRate;     //this! where?
   uint16_t sampleAlign; //also
   uint16_t sampleDepth; //also
   uint32_t dataSymb;
   uint32_t dataSize;

I am making an audio extractor. but when I did extract the wav format, it was the wrong format.

so i checked the audio.idx file. i finally got some hints. (sample rate, length of stream,..)
but what is mean '0x0c' or '0x0d'?
i need to get the remaining data!

thank you, have a nice day. =)
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Re: Question about nox audio format

Postby angrykirc » Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:41 pm

See the file to get an understanding of .idx contents.
Also to get raw PCM data you would need to decompress a chunk of data where the Index entry points (offset in .bag), some audio files are stored in mono and some are in stereo format (1 or 2 channels of audio)
Nox uses a modified IMA ADPCM algorithm, it differs in how stereo samples are interleaving. I has lost the working code for decompression but you can reconstruct in yourself after some experimenting.
Have a nice day.
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