Nostalgic post

Everything about NoX as a game.

Nostalgic post

Postby philliyxx » Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:48 am

Once again shout out to my old homies

Zom86(drizzt), Algus, nickfish <--<, frozen, Javier, logan, Flank, Grunt, WOD, Lord Unknown, Unknown idiot, Rico, zxinsanit (da g), YodaxJedi, Cloud (aka Cloud Strife), Morden, Dope, GODKriminal, mcstunner,stunna, stunnerx, milo, OTIS, Anubis, LutherX, Jecht, DP Dave, Lucia/Raven, Bubonic, Shadyhacks, Hunter (Anti-M), WnxWizard, Whitewizzard, Ebolavirus, sandman, zeezo, omega, blob, Magus, smokeydabear, falcon, koalabear, Ramza, frozngurl, james/dinokaze, Tizzard, echo, Eiot, Toxic, Nidilan, Lord Bayon, Apophis, GiganticWhore(andrew),Zidane, PUN, Winzbeaver, WnxShadowkiller, deadcraft(aka Geno aka Dr. Jeykll),Smiles and many many more

My orginal serial : 019406-719313-361984-7609

Wish I had a copy of all my scripts. Blob if you ever find the .rar I sent you that be cool if you could send it back to me

-$ |_ @ Y E |2
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