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This is a call to arms.

It's time to sound the war trumpets and prepare for a battle unlike anything anybody has ever seen before. It's been a long time coming, but it's back once again. The battle, the mayhem, the chaos and the comraderie shall be relived in intense, isometric, skyview-shooter combat! It doesn't matter if you're a noob or a pro, old or young, an asshole or a really nice guy, brand new or a seasoned player; join us in battle on September 29th, 2018 for 24 hours of uninterrupted wafare in all timezones!

It is our obligation, nay, our DUTY to get together and pay our respects to a game that deserved so much more press than it ever received. NoX has always been there for us, so shall we always be there for NoX. We're the lifeblood that keeps this game alive, so let us give this game one great surge of life. Let us rock these servers from sunrise to sunset. We have a message to send to those assholes at Electronic Arts who never gave NoX a fighting chance of survival, and that message is this: Though you may have forgotten NoX, we will NEVER forget NoX. WE'RE STILL HERE AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Let us show them and everyone else what they've been missing out on all these years.

"NoX is dead" they say; "FOOLS" I say!
NoX is alive and well because of folks like us. NoX WAS dead. It was dead for an entire year, somewhere between 2003-2004 when those corporate sons o'bitches at EA killed off the servers (and really had between fuck all and nothing planned for the future of NoX). A year is a long time for something like that. Some people left and never came back. They either had no idea the servers would ever come back, or they couldn't be bothered to come back. However, MANY DID. For all those that never returned to the land of NoX, there was even more that did come back. They came back for one very good reason, and that reason is that NoX is one of the best goddamn games ever created. They knew that they would never again find that thrill, that rush in ANYWHERE ELSE BUT NOX. There's a hole in all of our hearts, so let's fill the fuckin' thing with MORE NOX.

We all have so many great memories of this game. I say, "Why the hell do they gotta be memories?" Memories are something you keep in your mind and in your heart for something that's never coming back. NOX IS BACK. NOX NEVER REALLY FUCKIN' LEFT. Those memories you have every day aren't memories. They're a reminder. A misinterpreted reminder to come back and fight shoulder to shoulder and toe to toe with your NoX bretheren once again! Just sitting around and stewing in your memories of NoX when you can still play it is like jerking off to a low-budget porn video in your dimly lit basement, when you could be passionately intertwined with your woman in the bedroom. It doesn't make any fuckin' sense! SO...get your warhammers ready. Get your favourite spellsets ready, get your women and your bosses ready to not see you for a whole day because, goddammit, YOU'RE GOIN' NOXIN'!

Alright, how about a little less passion and a little more process now...

NoX day is a once a month event for all noxers old and new to come back and relive the battle and the mayhem that was once NoX, even if only for a day. It takes place on the last Saturday of EVERY MONTH from here on in. This one falls on Saturday, September 29th, 2018. We have several servers to pick from in 24 hour operation as of now. We have an official (to us, not EA) server in both the US and EU with great connection speeds all around, as well as several other random servers here and there. In addition, has their own Russian 24 hour server running. I, VoDkA, will be hosting two servers during the event. One for NoX Quest and one for straight-up, no BS duelling sessions. Got a personal vendetta against someone? Settle it in the dueling server. The official NoX Community US and EU servers will be running Arena (basic fight to the death free for all fun), Team Arena, Capture The Flag (Lotsa' fun with lotsa' people), and Flagball (Pretty much a combination of Soccer and Football, but in NoX. FUCKING FUN). My quest server will be running...well, Quest of course. NoX Quest is where you create your own character, team up with friends, and cruise through randomly generated quest levels, bashing skulls in and laughing all the way in co-operative combat with npc monsters and enemies, as well as boss fights every few levels or so.

So with all that being said, there's online games to support every play style and desire.

I'm hoping to record the whole event while I play, but that will only be from my point of view and only in the server I'm currently playing in. I'm looking for some folks willing to hang out in observer mode for all the games and record EVERYTHING. If you want to be part of NoX day, but for whatever reason don't actually feel like playing, this is the job for you! Those of you who can do this for me will receive an award beside their names in the forums! (Yay!)

If you have any problems, questions or concerns, I and almost anybody else in this community would be happy to help! Either ask here or anywhere on the forums, private message me, or join the Nox discord channel and we'll get you rollin'!

It's extremely fucking obvious but if you still need the whole goddamn game, you can download it right off the homepage of!

I will meet you all in the Field of Valor!

Your fellow NoXer,
Give me honor or give me death.
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WOL account: unknownle, character: Maurice Ravel, my NoX related website:
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