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Nox + Minecraft

Postby angrykirc » Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:51 pm

Long time ago, I have come across an idea of making an Nox-based RPG mod for Minecraft.
After some considerations the idea was rejected, but recently due to appeared motivation and some extra time, I suddenly gave it a try.
Here's a video demonstrating what I have built (framework for player-related things + a basic spell) in 3 days:

The basic list of things that would be implemented in this mod:
- Three playable classes.
- Reworked experience system, where level progression is crucial. (but levels are no longer lost when character dies)
- Skill system, with each class having its own progression tree
- Some vanilla gameplay elements are going to be reworked. Many going to be brand new elements will be built from scratch.
- The gameplay itself will not really be focused on grinding like in some RPG mods, though.
- Attributes, those determining your character's proficiency in various aspects.
- Wide variety of spells (both original and Nox based) for Wizard and Conjurer classes.
- New kinds of items: wands, spellbooks... Completely reworked weapons and armor system.
- Re-designed various randomly generated localities: conjurer villages, wizard towers, towns, warrior fortresses... replacing vanilla villages.
- A global storyline, diverging for every class. (Yes. Endings.)
- Lots of new monsters, biomes and dimensions (just like any other rpg mod author says)
- Freedom of choice. Players will determine their roles themselves.
Be a great Warrior mercenary in serve of your Lord, defending all the lands from evil sorcery.
Accept a fate of living on your own, being a mere Craftsman or Druid in a small Conjurer village.
Learn arcane knowledge, solve the world's mysteries as a thriving wizard apprentice living in Castle Galava.
Become a powerful hero, ready to save the world from possible second Necromancer War.
Study the Dark Arts, join the dark Necromancer side and conquer all the pitiful humans.

Since I do not trust in illusion of making such a complex mod solely on my enthusiasm...
I'm looking for contributors. I really value any kind of help, actually.
If you want to contribute to the mod, here is a list of things needed:
1. Village/house/castle building assets for all the variety of Nox towns and villages. Preferably in schematics, but entire worlds are acceptable.
These may come looking far from original, but still need to contribute to Nox theme though.
2. Any kind of gameplay-related suggestions, really.
3. Sprites for unique items/weapons/armor from Nox. Coming as normal 16x16 minecraft-styled textures.
4. Low-res Nox-themed skill/ability icons. 24x24

Discussions are welcome.
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Re: Nox + Minecraft

Postby Damaskox » Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:35 am


A very interesting and fun video!

Not sure, is the obelisk texture the best, but it's OK.
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Re: Nox + Minecraft

Postby I R NUB » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:49 am

Is anyone still actively trying to complete this mod? Just curious
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