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Postby Xandros » Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:56 pm

I am not a map author, but i am the translator of author's message from I have all necessary privileges to post this map here and lead this conversation.

Map “GrBoss03”

Map name: GrBoss03
Creator: Garett
Players number: 1 - 8 (1 recommended)
For mode: Arena/Elimination
Links: GrBoss03 (Mediafire), GrBoss03 (NoXCommunity), GrBoss03 (NoXWorld).

A singleplayer map.
Designed for one player. When you play in small group of players you may suffer from lack of ammunition.
It is decided to refuse from the corridors with small monsters. A way to the bosses and battle begining time has been maximally reduced.
After player's death, battle starts with the Boss, which ended, but with fully restored health. There is no need to beat all previous bosses again.

Resupply room


Two game difficulties. Password.
Normal and Hard battle mode. The second one is much more interesting and harder. To access this mode, you need to beat all bosses without deaths and damage (the second thing is not required) in Normal mode. Or else it is required to input special password (which is known only to Garett).
IMPORTANT! If you successfully managed to beat the map on Normal difficulty, do not touch anything in room with the levers. You will notice a chat message when Hard mode begins.

Enemy technichal info.
Spoiler: show
  • Every player who entered Resupply room will get Anchor enchantment.
  • Bosses are engaging sequentially, beginning from North-East quarter in clockwise direction.
  • Each boss is not agressive - they are not attacking.
  • Battle will be stopped and boss will be respawned, if player died or leaved the hall. Also battle will be stopped if boss died.
  • Charm Creature protection. In case of try to charm a boss, charm spell will be interrupted and boss will gain invulnerability for 10 seconds.
  • Force of Nature protection. If player deals more than 300 damage points in 5 frames (1800 per second) boss will gain invulnerability for 10 seconds.
  • Designed for singleplayer. In teamplay only one player is affecting on game process (first player that entered in boss hall).

Spoiler: show
EvilCherub (Gargoyle)

Location - North-East room
Health - 8192
Respawn time - 10 seconds
Abilities usage - random
Battle phases amount - 1

  • Constructor. Moving rotating spikes with 2 points per frame speed in place of specified figure. Violet ray animation from boss to moving spikes.
  • Escape. Boss teleportation in his room after setting rotating spikes to their initial positions and figure motion activation in 2 seconds.
  • Figures
    • Vertical line. A segment from the North point of room to the center. Rotating with maximum speed on horizontal axis f7 (extreme spike).
    • Horizontal line. Horizontal segment along the chord. Moves the extreme points along diagonals of the hall with f8 speed.
    • Square (Rhombus). Square rotated by 45 degrees. Moves diagonally with f6 speed randomly reflecting from invisible borders.
    • Glider. Turn to the player in 2 seconds. Moves in specified direction with f6 speed until it reach hall borders.

Spoiler: show

Location - South-East room
Health - 6144
Respawn time - 20 seconds
Abilities usage - random
Battle phases amount - 2

  • The power of the beehive. Lightning animation at player's point for 2 second and Force of Nature creation at this point, that could be transformed into a health potion. Restoration in 4 seconds. It activates, if boss doesn't get damaged for 4 seconds.
  • Teleportation. After 4 seconds when boss took damage, it will disappear for 4 seconds.
  • Rotating spikes targeting/location/moving types. Detailed description of the trajectories is not required.
    • First phase (Until boss have 50% health or more). Rotating spikes is moving to certain points and they are static.
    • Second phase. Rotating spikes, after moving to a point, begin to move on additional trajectories.
  • Weapon types
    • Flame. Sequentially creating SmallFlame, MediumFlame, Flame and LargeFlame by a line with f46 step from rotating spikes with lifetime of 14-16 seconds.
    • Sky flame. Yellow bomber creation alternately near every 2 rotating spikes once per 2 seconds for 8 seconds.
    • Collapse. Each rotating spike sequentially casting Missles of Magic once per 2 seconds.
    • Magic. 2 rotating spikes alternately shooting with ImpShot every 5 frames for 16 seconds.

Spoiler: show

Location - South-West room
Health - 6144
Respawn time - 10 seconds
Abilities usage - sequentially
Battle phases amount - 1

  • Series of shots. ImpShot shot every frame by circular sector, which width below is f138 and height f23, for 414 (f138 * 3 - three passes) frames
  • Collapse. YellowSparks effect in random point of the hall once per 15 frames and casting Meteor spell in this poing after 1 second for 16 seconds.
  • Telekinesis. Sequential movement of each rotatin spike in random hall point with f6 speed. Rotating spikes movement with speed from f1 up to f4 in random side within not more than 4 seconds and direction change in 16 seconds. Boss invulnerable while ability in use.
  • Push. Permanent movement of the boss in the center of the hall. Permanent movement of each rotating spike toward the boss with f4 speed. Permanent movement of each rotating spike from the boss with f12 speed to the hall edge. Boss invulnerable while ability in use.
  • Illusion. Create 2 imps, and sending them and the boss to the vertices of the triangle every 45 frames for 18 seconds or until one of them died.

Spoiler: show

Location - North-West room
Health - 8192
Respawn time - 10 seconds
Abilities usage - periodic
Battle phases amount - 1

  • Manipulators. Charm Creature spell effect from boss to random point with overall length f230 with one refraction in 4 directions.
  • Summon assistants. Creation of Urchin one per second in f184 square around the boss every 24 seconds. Assistants amount from 2 up to 6. When assistant died, he may drop Healing potion with probability 10% (20% for Warrior class).
  • The Doll. Once in 16 seconds, barrels will be spawned at the end of Manipulator and they will move with f4 speed towards rotating spikes.
  • Ritual. If the Doll has reached the center of spikes, player will be swapped with the doll. Then slamming "IronMaiden" and LesserFlame creation under player position for 3 seconds.
  • IronMaiden. Rotating spikes are arranged at the corners of the room in the form of trapezoids, which can be transformed (slammed) in a square (rhombus). Close speed - instantly, opening speed - f1

Many thanks to Xandros aka 2530 for translating this description.
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Re: GrBoss03

Postby Damaskox » Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:24 am

A strange map.
Killed the Gargoyle and tortured the Wasp, then I quit =D
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