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Nox Settings Manager PRO

Postby Xandros » Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:49 pm

Good time of day, Noxers!

I decided to post my utilities here. Yes, this is just a copy-paste from, but im sure that everyone will be glad to see translated topics here.
This utility is a configurator. Introducing...

Nox Settings Manager PRO

Current Version: 2.0 MLV (Multi-Language Version)
Available GUI languages:
  • Russian
  • English

System Requirements:
Windows XP, Windows 7 (Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 not tested)
1.30 MB of free space.
.Net Framework 2.0

Download link (MediaFire. 1MB): ... RO+2_0.rar

All bug reports you may leave here or send via e-mail:

This program provides you the ability to change all settings in your Nox client and save your current configuration for future use or .

Application features:
1. Video settings (if someone will make HD pack, that required resolution more than 1024X768, you can set it here (now this feature is useless)
2. Advanced key binding system, that allows you to bind more than one key to one action (doesn't work for Mix patch keys).
3. Detailed server configuration. There is 7 tabs in "Server" section:
3.1. General - the most important server settings: Ping\Class restrictions, Server name, Server passwords, Latency compensation, Frag\Time limits and so on.
3.2. Game Balance (Mix patch and Unimod only) - Mix patch balance settings like Shield autoequip, Weapon change with wheel (for warrior class only), Great Sword block in move and so on.
3.3. WOL (Westwood OnLine abbreviation) - WOL settings (Connection type, Update rate, Sound Threshold, Show Gestures, Show player skeletons)
3.4. Mapcycle - second important server configuration. You may enable\disable and change mapcycle here. Moreover, you can set "Next map" variable. (Quest's mapcycle is disabled, because i dont know the tag)
3.5. MOTD (Message Of The Day abbreviation). You can turn on\off MOTD feature here and change MOTD text in one tab.
3.6. Banned\Allowed list. You can manage your banned\allowed nicks list here.
3.7. Votes. You are able to modify Quest restart, Autokick player (Quest) and Autokick player (usual multiplayer) requred votes amount parameters.
4. IP addresses list (Mix Patch and Unimod only). You can manage your Mix patch ip list (add\remove) here.
5. Connection test (Mix Patch and Unimod only). You can test your connection to the servers from Mix patch IP list. You may get result instantly ("one packet" check) or use full test (20 - 1000 packs) to get high-precision results.
6. Game list filters. For Local Network and WOL sections.
7. Unimod default functions (Unimod only). You can modify autoexec.lua in this section.
8. Shortcut generator. If you need to create a shortcut, that will launch Nox in special mode, you may use this feature.
9. Settings file recreator. Use it, if configured your Nox and it is not working after that.
10. "Undo changes" feature - if you changed something that you dont need use Undo changes button to load last saved state.
11. Settings presets. This feature is useful for those who organizes tournaments or for those who just dont want to lose current Nox configuration state. Just save your current configuration with "Save" button in "Other->Other features" section and load it with "Load" button whenever you need.
12. Mix patch config autofix. When you are using F8 (aka buggy button) button, you are breaking config of Mix patch. This config will be fixed automatically.
13. Big range of Nox clients are supported. Here is the full list:
Nox v1.0/Nox v1.0 beta.
Nox v1.2 (Nox Quest only)
Nox v1.2b (Mix patch)
Nox v1.2b (Nox Respawned)
Nox v1.2b (Unimod v0.4 pre-alpha)
Nox v1.2b (Unimod v0.5 beta)
Nox v1.2b (Unimod v0.6 pre-beta)
Nox v1.2b (Unimod vX.X) - in case of unknown Unimod assembly.

14. This and newer versions of Nox Settings Manager PRO are multi-language (MLV abbreviation). That means that you can modify all GUI strings in any text editor program (Notepad for example). You also able to add new translations - just copy-paste existing localization, rename it to <yourlocale>.lng and modify it with any text editor.

Special thanks to:
Garett for testing
Larboss, Evengard, Norten, Unseen - for useful tips
Мурка, Squall - moral support

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism - fell free to reply here.
NSMPRO compile.rar
Screenshots. Im too lazy to upload it on image hosting
(835.24 KiB) Downloaded 291 times
Nox Unimod scripter.
My plugins:
Advanced chat plugin.
Antiblock system
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Re: Nox Settings Manager PRO

Postby VoDkA » Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:13 pm

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Re: Nox Settings Manager PRO

Postby Damaskox » Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:52 am

I don't have much experience of the software, plus it's been some time I used it the last time, so I really cannot answer the poll =)
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