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Postby Damaskox » Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:01 am

"HabitRPG is an online time management application. Unlike most time management programs, HabitRPG takes the form of a role-playing game. HabitRPG was designed as a self-improvement web application designed to help the player keep track of and remain motivated by overlaying game mechanics onto a player's life goals.
The game is laid out in the form of a RPG, in which the player collects items such as gold and armor to become more powerful. Rewards are achieved through maintaining real-life goals, in the form of Habits, Dailies and To-Do's."

I have been playing around with this service for 3-7 days already, and I really like the system. I have started to live a bit healthier after bumping upon this website.

I hope you guys check it out and find it interesting too ^^

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