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Postby Damaskox » Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:34 pm

I got an idea of a situation while talking with Mintu in Skype.
I decided to make a action-choosing Text-RPG with him, and I'll post the results in here.
WARNING: This is a LONG story!

You feel cold. You feel also light breezes, as well as you hear them. They are coldish to your skin as they reach it.
You try to move, but you feel petrified.
You try to open your eyes, but it takes some time, since you need to make your muscles to work.

After a while, you look at a black sky - or atleast you think it's the sky. You can already raise yourself to a sitting position.
You look around, and you see fences and rude, old and worn stones around you, hinting of old graves.
In front of you, you see the open gates - in fact without the gates. And beyond the "gate" you see something like this:
You are inside the fences of an old graveyard, with no memory at all of how, when or why.

The place smells like old trees and...well, forest. And there is a small rotting smell too. You can also hear beast sounds, they come far away.

What will you do?


You manage to get up on your feet. Although they feel cranky, you can stand.
You look around again and take two steps.
Then you "automatically" turn your head in the direction which was behind you when you were sitting.
There is an old structure, which may be some sort of a church...or a tomb? The wall you look at is a bit broken and you can see through the holes in it, but that's not the thing which took your attention.
Near the entrance of the building is a corner, and you see a semi-huge shadow in front of the corner, so the shadow is laying itself on the ground pretty close near you. And the shadow is MOVING.

What will you do?
"Hide and observe - peacefully"


You crouch to try fill yourself in the surroundings as one with the shadows, since the corner of a broken stone fence behind you is still too far away for you to go behind it.
You lean with your palms on the ground to make it easier for you to stand while crouched, while you precisely look at the corner again.
For a while you don't see any reason or anything where the shadow forms from, but then you notice a dark - ruptured from many places - flag waving in the wind.
You couldn't hear any noise from it, but it seems there is nothing scary about it, except it's hideous appearance.

What will you do?
"Approach the flag"


As you move silently to the flag, it's appearance gets bigger, eventhough you were only like 10-20 meters away from it.
Now there stands a broken flag in front of you, stringed on a sturdy metal pole.
You touch the pole. It's cold, dirty and it's pretty sharp from here and there too. It's like...there are marks of swords hit on it's sides?
You try the flag in your hand. It feels very filthy, so you loose your grab in no time.
You also notice the stink in it.
The wall behind the flag continues to your left, and vanishes then behind it.

What will you do?
"Walk to the spot I left"


As you start walking, you hear a noise which appears when a heavy stone wall - as an example, a part of a hidden floor - is moved around (the rock sliding the ground). The noise is averagely strong, so it happens near you.
You almost jump against the structure's wall and stand there still with only the heart beat in your ears for a while. Your eyes are wide open, as you look up the wall you lean against and the black sky.
After a while, the noise stops, and you sneak very carefully until you see the spot behind a corner you just stood a while ago.

You see nothing new. You look to the wall which connects the entrance, but you still don't notice anything new near the entrance.
"The door...or whatever...is not moved", you think.

However, near an iron fence - the one which were to your left as you were laying down - you see some movement.

What will you do?
"Stay and think about the sound, then go to investigate the sound"


Since you stand against a wall, you don't see anything. Your mind is not clear enough to remember stuff near the entrance, so...you just start sneaking again towards the place you stood a while ago.
But soon after leaving the wall, you see what was the movement about at the iron fence.

A skeleton crawled from a hole in the fence.
Wait, does it - IT DEFINITELY MOVES.
It gets stuck from it's back bones to the fence, and you listen to echoing bony noises as it tries to free itself from the fence.
As you look at the dusty bones before your eyes, you see a...rather small and feeble build in it. So it's not a big man's leftovers.

You stand near the point you left to look at the flag, near the broken stone fence.
What will you do?
"Sit down, take a rest and clear the mind"


You sit down, your face facing the skeleton.
There is no use of trying to get a control on your mind. There is a skeleton - moving - in front of you.

The skeleton looks like it starts to understand stuff. It starts to push it's bones upwards, sliding upwards the fence to get free.
But the old bones are slippery and bad against the fence, so it's grip slips few times and it falls back to the ground.

What will you do?
"Help it"


You stand up and start walking towards the skeleton.
Pretty soon the skelly notices you, and it starts to rampage at the fence. It jumps here and there and tries to climb up again even faster, but keeps sliding down.
His appearance is quite...furious.
You stop walking.

What will you do?
"Start talking to it"


You start talking with a normal voice.
The Skelly is about 30 meters away from you, and your voice doesn't reach it.
It is still rampaging.

What will you do?
"Approach it to the distance it can hear you"


As you walk, the Skelly stops moving for a while.
It looks like it tries the sliding once again.
As you stop walking, it goes for it. Arms to the fence, a much stronger grip this time. It goes upwards...upwards...slowly...man it has patience!
It gets further than before.
And before you realise it, it gets it's bones off the fence.

What will you do?


As you start walking, bones fall in front of the fence.
As you keep walking, the Skelly gets up and looks at you.
As you stop walking, the Skelly starts to walk towards you, it's arms pointing at you.
It looks mad.
There are ten meters between you.

What will you do?
"Ask him why"


You start talking. The Skelly keeps coming.
Nothing new happens as you talk.
The Skelly reaches you, pushes you on the ground and falls on top of you.

What will you do?
"Push it aside and maybe make for a run"


The Skelly furiously paws at you, but still slowly and quite weakly.
You put your feet under it's upper stomach, and kick forward as hard as you can.
Since the bones are slippery, the Skelly fell off your first foot before you made the kick so it made a sideways volt and dropped five meters from you, into a pile of...dirt, bones and...other nonspesific crap.

What will you do?
"Run towards the hidden wall"


You start running to the entrance of the "churchy" structure.
While you get there, the Skelly is still raging on the pile.
You feel about the entrance with your hands. You cannot figure out, is it a door or what it is.
However, the noise came from behind the entrance.

What will you do?
Find a way to open it"


Time is short. You look behind you.
Skelly gets up from the pile, and slowly moves it's head towards you.
You hand the entrance around two times faster and harder, but nothing happens.
You just cannot figure it out.
As you look behind you again, the Skelly slowly walks towards you again.

There are 40 meters in between you guys.
What will you do?
"Forget the Skelly and examine the door"


You let go your worry about the Skelly and walk back few steps from the entrance.
As you look at it, you see a hole in it.
It seems to be the only thing you can figure out.
"That hole could be the only way to get through", you think.

What will you do?
"Pick up the skelton and push it inside the hole"


As you turn to face the Skelly, you made a swift eye contact with a rock, which was thrown at you, before it hits your knee.
While you roar and fall down at the same time, the Skelly continues to walk towards you and picks up the next rock.

What will you do?
"Evade the rocks and start running towards the Skelly"


You get up with the help of the leg the Skelly didn't throw at.
As you make an attempt to run towards the Skelly, you fall down as soon as your hurt leg lands the ground.

Now there is dirt in your mouth, and your teeth hurts.
What will you do?


As you lay on your stomach and spit out the dirt which ain't more tasty than clean, ordinary dirt, you look around for a good place to hide.
You try to move, but it's painful and slow.
The Skelly is 20 meters from you, rapidly approaching.
There is no way you can hide before the Skelly is next to you - again.

What will you do?
"Prepare for a fight"


Ten meters and closing.
You see a pickaxe, near another pile of...crap'n'stuff. An old and a rusty one.
You look at the Skelly.
He walks with a rock in it's hand.

What will you do?
"Attempt to get to the flag"


You crawled one meter to the flag before you felt bones falling on you.
As you look to your right, it's stone lays before your eyes.
I suppose you were lucky it missed you.

You are still laying on your stomach.
What will you do?
"Attempt to stand"


The Skelly slides from your back as you try to push yourself up with your arms and legs, towards the ground.
As you stand with one leg, the Skelly is up already. It bashes your head with it's knuckles.
You take the hit. Your head starts to hurt as you fall down on the Skelly.
Skelly falls on it's rock, and it's skull breaks as it hits the rock. It has a hole on his back of the head now.
You attempt to rip it's skull off, but it's strong enough to hold you from your arms.
As you lay on the Skelly, it's squeeze almost breaks your wrists.
As you yell in pain, it hits you in the forehead using it's forehead.
You roll sideways groaning and holding your wrists.

What will you do?
"Rip it in pieces"


The Skelly stands up. It looks mean.
You get an idea. You point to an empty space next to him and look like really scared.
It looks at you for few seconds, then it turns it's head to the direction you point at.

You notice the pickaxe, still being around you.
You roll sideways once, take it from it's place, and as the Skelly turns up to you, you swing it and thrust the pickaxe's blade into the Skelly's temple.

The Skelly's skull brakes down as it was a strong blow.
The pickaxe falls down, hitting a blunt side on your hurt knee, and as you yelp, the Skelly's elbow hits you in the face as it falls on you.

You lay in there for a while, looking at the Skelly who blindly starts to rampage around after getting up on it's feet.
After it walks at the entrance of the building and bumps to it, your eyes shut as you see heavy rocks falling off the roof, falling on the Skelly.

You hear crunching noises of bone and falling, rolling stones in the dark, before it all goes black.

Comments, ideas etc are welcomed.
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Re: Text RPG

Postby mintu » Tue Jul 15, 2014 5:47 am

is this the season 1 of Dama's Deathly Adventures?
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Re: Text RPG

Postby Damaskox » Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:31 am


Time flows, walks by.
Then you feel pain. Steady, flowing pain. In your head, in your wrists, in your knee.
You open your eyes, but it's slow again. You start hating how the environment around you effects you like this.
You push yourself in a sitting position. It hurts.
How long were you out? No idea - everything looks the same, except the rocks and pieces of bone shards near the entrance of the structure, which stubbornly sits in front of you.

What will you do?
"Get out of there"


You stand up and start limping towards the "gates".
You look around while limping. Piles of dirt and bones here and there, small fences of iron and stone - pretty much broken down, you see a shovel too...
As you keep moving, you see one of the gate doors laying on the ground, near the exit of the fenced area. It looks like an iron fence gate or something.

You make it to the gate.
What will you do?
"Get the shovel and attempt to dig your path through the gates"


You limp to get the shovel. The handle feels dirty, and the shovel is generally somewhat worn. Atleast it provides you something to lean against your hurt leg.
As you move back to the gates, you see the path is open - there is no need to dig, and so you move through the gates.
As you look behind you, the other door of the gate is laying against the iron fence, half-torn off of it's hinges.

Now there is a field in front, it's a bit more open that the area around the fences. There are still graves, but not as tight as from where you came from.
You also notice one bigger grave, which looks like it has no cover on it.
It's all about trees to your left and right.

There is 40 meters to the opened grave.
What will you do?
"Wander to the woods to the right"


As you turn to the woods and start walking, you suddenly hear a woman's giggle, and soft, comforting singing.
You look at the direction the sound came from.
The opened grave.

What will you do?
"Ignore it and keep walking"


You turn back and go in the woods.

It's much darker in here, and after wandering of ten meters, the trees get very near each other.
As you keep walking, you suddenly notice that the trees are too close to each other for you to pass them because of your leg's condition.

What will you do?
"Get out and walk to the trees in left"


As you move to another side of the forest, you hear singing from the grave again.
You recognize words in the song, but the language is unknown to you.
It really eases you down. it's like listening a relaxed woman sing in the morning.
As you look at the grave, you can see light brown hair moving in the light wind, on a side of the tomb. You also hear giggle as soon as you turned your eyes to the tomb.

It surely is tempting...
What will you do?
"Ignore and continue walking to the trees"


You can see a small path in the trees, so you follow it.
The path looks horrifying, and you see few semi-big bats hanging around dead brances. They hang still.
As you follow the path, you feel it turning to the right direction.
After few minutes of limping with the shovel, the path is behind you, and you see the opened grave again - even closer than before, and from another side.
This time the soft voice calls your name.

You cannot see well to the grave, but...you have this feeling it's not threatening you.
What will you do?
"Ignore and carry on"


You look to your left. There are graves, scattered hear and there. There are some small iron fences around the ground too.
The ground itself is rough - it has few pits too.
You can also see another structure far in the direction you look at.

As soon as you start moving to your left, the voices stop and the air grows much colder than what it was before.
What will you do?
"Examine the pits, and dig them"


The first pit is ten meters from the opened grave.
As soon as you make to it, you see a horrifying appearance before you, in five meters.

A white woman lich with dark shadows, looks rotten and a bit frozen. She has no eyes, but you still feel her staring at you.
As you stand and look at her, after few seconds she suddenly flies straight at you making this really creepy scream at the same time.
Before you realise anything, she knocks you in the air.

You fly ten meters in the air and fall almost in the opened grave.
You hurt leg's knee strongly hits the side of it, and you can hear a plopping sound.
As you lay behind the grave, you grab the side of it to pull yourself up to a kneeing position.

Now you see someone in the grave.
She looks almost the same than the lich just seconds ago. She's not that white though, and she looks less bony and more rotting.
When you look in front of you, you see no lich anymore. Was it a vision?

"I guess I displeased this woman's spirit", you think while trying your knee. You realise you have just lost your kneecap - that was the plopping sound about.
What will you do?
"Ask about the lich"


You ask about the lich from the corpse.
Nothing happens.
You wait a while and you ask again.
You start feeling cold. Nothing else happens.

What will you do?
"Go back to the pit and start digging"


It felt like an hour, but you got to the pit.
You don't even remember anymore, how it feels NOT hurting everywhere.

The pit is not big, it's up to your ankle and you can fit both feet in there.
Standing on one feet, you take two loads of dirt with the shovel, until you feel too unbalanced to continue.

What will you do?
"Rest and then continue digging"


As you sit, holding your feet in the pit, you look at the forest path you came from.
One bat is stretching it's wings, they are enormous. Then you see two red dots in the shadows, where the bat's head should be.
You feel it's stare at you.

You feel very cold, but there is no ice anywhere. You don't understand what is happening with that.
You stretch your arms, but it's even more difficult than before, right after you have waken up couple of times before.
You start to think, is there anything which could save you. You feel freezing and your right leg is wasted.
You look at the big structure. It's 100 meters away, and there's more fence - in front of it.

What will you do?
"Attempt to chop wood and make a fire"


You see no tools or equipment suitable for chopping wood from the trees.
You see branches near the trees, and you go for them.
After few steps, you fall down with the shovel. You leave it be and continue crawling to the branches.

Within an hour, you have thrown few branches near the pit, crawled to the pit and made a fire by using the scout's gimmick (rubbing wood against wood).
It was tough to set cold wood in fire, but it's done now. As you lay near the fire, you start feeling heat under your legs, under the dirt in the pit.
What could it be?

What will you do?
"1. Rest 2. Make a torch 3. Go back to the beginning and once more examine the hole in the entrance of the smaller structure"


After laying for a while, the fire goes out.
You are too weak to go and collect more wood.
But the heat under your feet still hasn't stopped yet.

The dirt is soft, so you slowly push your hand in it.
The heat gets even stronger, and you need to pull your hand out of the dirt.
You dig the dirt and throw it away, and now you see a metal chest plate, buried in the dirt.

You try to touch it again with your sleeve.
It's still hot, but you can handle the heat.

What will you do?
"Dig it up with or without the shovel"


The dirt is soft, so you can do it with your hands.

After a while, the armour lays on the ground, out of the pit.
It still has a bit dirt in it.
You lay on it and you really feel warm.
You also know that you will freeze to death without the armour. There is a big hole in the chest, it's old and worn-out - just as everything else in this cursed place - but it's still usable.
The heat also gives you a bit extra energy.

In three hours, you feel hungry, you have two decent walking sticks, the heat armour equipped and you stand at the gates of the starting place.
You also have a scratch on your cheek, which came from the wing of a bat, when you were walking the forest path again and one of the bats woke up and flew away.

What will you do?
"Get to the hole, which is in the entrance"


While you got to the dead Skelly, you also brought the pickaxe which was laying on your path.
You sit down and move the smallest rocks away from the entrance.

What will you do?
"Make the hole bigger"


You sit down and swing the pickaxe at the hole.
After a quarter, you have done a door to yourself.
You see only darkness from the spot you sit at.

What will you do?
"Go in"


You are standing behind the entrance.
You can see three ways in the dark: left, forward and right.

The shapes start in five meters from you, and the shape in front is ten meters long.
You can see a small, red glow in front.

What will you do?
"Go forward"


You stand in the middle of the shapes.
Nothing in left. Nothing in right.
In front you see a skeleton sitting and leaning to a wall, a coffin half-pulled out of a wall, and a red, glowing potion on a stone slab next to the skeleton.

What will you do?
"Attack the skeleton with the pickaxe"


You go and fetch the pickaxe from the entrance.
Then you walk to the skeleton and strike at it.
The skeleton turns and falls.

Now it lays on it's side.
What will you do?
"get the potion and pour a little to wood"


There is glowing red liquid on wood. It starts dripping on the ground.
What will you do?
"Pour a little on the skeleton"


You pour a little on the skeleton.
Same effects.

What will you do?
"Keep the items and open the coffin carefully"


You walk to the coffin.
You try it's cover. It's wood.
You raise it a bit and look inside it.
It's empty.

You look at the laying skeleton.
What will you do?
"Leave the coffin and explore the building"


On the left, you see a carving in the wall. In the carving, there is a small painting about a woman.
She smiles. She looks like she is in her 40's. She has long thick hair, light brown. Her eyes calms you as you look in them.
She's the lady in the coffin, outside.
There is also a candle next to the painting.

On the right, there is nothing - it's empty.

You wonder, who is the lady. You think about the terrible lich.

What will you do?
"Ask from the painting, who is she"


You walk to the painting and look at her. Then you ask, who is she.
For a moment, nothing happens.
Then you hear a small voice. Someone is singing, but the sound is not the same as at the grave.
Then comes giggle, then comes laugh.
The laugh gets stronger, and then comes silence.
After few painful seconds, very loud voices of unknown beings yell at you, in rage and in joy.
You fall to your knees and keep your paws at your ears.
After ten seconds, silence comes again.

As you slowly look around and at the painting, it has changed.
She is not smiling at you anymore.

This is creepy...
What will you do?
"Make a torch and burn the painting"

Within minutes, you have a branch fetched from the fenced area, and it's set on fire.
As you walk to the painting, the lady in it has rotten a bit. Her beauty is not the same anymore.
You use the branch to torch the painting.

You watch as it burns down.
When the fire is out, the candle next to the burned painting starts burning all by itself - but instead of fire, it looks like...blood.

What will you do?
"Get the hell out of there, to the left side of the building"


You walk to the left side of the building. You look at the Blood Candle.
Nothing else happens than the dark red glow around the candle.

What will you do?
"Find other things in the building, valuable that can be used"


You look around the place once more, but you don't find anything new.
Now you stand in the left figure of the building again, staring at the candle.

"Is the candle valuable?"
What will you do?
"Take the candle and check the building again"


The building is checked again.
Everything new you saw, was the red glow on the walls as you walked around.

As you stand in the left side with the candle, you hear small noises, coming from outside.

What will you do?
"Check the sounds from the outside"


As you tried to walk outside the building from the hole you made, someone walked in through it.
It's the lady, from the grave.
She grabs you by the neck, groans lightly, and throws you all the way back to the forward shape's wall.

You fall on the ground.
What will you do?
"Prepare for a fight... use the torch as weapon... and the other hand holding the potion"


Ow! It hurts a lot!
Your torch has long gone dimmed out of fire, and there is no time to light it up again.
As you take the potion in your hand, the undead woman already walks towards you.

What will you do?
"Spill the potion at her but not to the point that the potion is empty"


As she walks upon you, you spill half of what's left on her.
She stops, looks two seconds stunned at you, then she grabs your healthy leg, groans lightly and throws you to the opposite wall.

As you crash on it, your potion gets slammed on the wall, the container breaks in pieces and the liquid is spilled on the ground.

You fall on the ground. You need one more hit before you are unconscious.
What will you do?
"Run away with the torch, stick and armor"


You have gotten two hard slams on the wall. There is no way you walk out of this, let alone run.
You crawl to the entrance.
As you touch the wall where the hole is, you feel a grab on your leg.
You try to swing once with the stick, but you hit only air.
Off we go, flying in the air, to the *SPASH*

The undead woman throws you around few more times.
Your face is heavily bleeding already, but you don't feel anything anymore.
She sits on you and slowly destroys your face with her sharp claws.
Then she starts eating your body.

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